Spares Availability

If you own one of these amazing kits you'll appreciate just how rare they are.


Below is a comprehensive listing of current spares compiled by the members of the Peavey Radial Pro Owners Worldwide Facebook Group (Credit goes to Drew Millard).

As I get asked where to get a certain item and I manage to locate the elusive spare I'll post it onto this page.


Don't hesitate to get into contact with me if you have a broken drum and do my very best to source a location for the part.

Replacement throw offs for rp 500, 750, 1000.







Replacement bass drum spurs all models (spurs only, mounting brackets are different).




Replacement bass drum claws.



Replacement tom mount rp1000




R I M S mounts are now alloy, gibralter, cannon and worldmax make a mount very similar to the old chrome R I M S mount and world max manufactures a chrome 3 leg floor tom basket as well.








Tension screws used on prototype snares.




Gibraltar make a throw off that fits the RBS- snare.





Dixon, Gibraltar, Cannon and World Max all have hoops, tension screws and bass drum claws to match original equipment, all tension screws are 1 1/4" on the rp1000 including the ones that attach the R I M S mount, the nylock nuts used as spacers can be found at the local hardware store, get alum. or stainless so they dont rust.


Aquarian heads are available from most music stores, super kick and resonator front were original on the bass drum


Dixon and Gibraltar which seem to be the exact same hardware although Gibraltar has the bigger selection of products now seems to be the closest replacement to the original Peavey for hardware such as stands, pedals, mounting arms, etc. although i cant find the replacment ball for the original Peavey tom arms that Gibraltar and Dixon both had in their catalogue a couple years back.


About the only parts you can't get elsewhere are the lugs and the original aquarian resonator front head with Radial Pro logo (have to ask for the big Peavey sticker or they wont send it) are available from Peavey.


For drum parts at Peavey phone Steve 1-877-732-8391 ext 1343


Spanner Wrench Part # 71900100 Price $ 3.99 Each

Spanner Nut Part # 71500672 Price $ 2.79 Each

Tom Lug Insert Part # 71500673 Price $ 2.96 Each

Snare lug Insert part #71506674 Price $ 12.26 Each

Front 22"drum head part # 71900182


Anything else youve found, let me know and I will add it for all to see...

(Credit - Drew Millard)