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 I have been a drummer for 25 years, professionally for almost 20.

I am totally devoted to my RadialPro 751 and I really wish there were more drum sizes available.

As it is, my kit is comprised of one I bought new, and one I bought off Ebay about a year ago.  I bought the second kit because the tom sizes were 'shifted' to the smaller, mine being 12, 14, 16 and the new one having a 10, 12, and 14 tom configuration.  I use  Evans EQ2 heads so I can get distinctive tones from identical pairs of 12 and 14 toms.  I think it's worth it, and no one notices the pairings of identical toms.  The bass' are also identical, so I put solid heads on one of them (Evans Hydraulic + heavy resonant) and converted it into a gong tom.  'Thud' describes it well.

The playing says it all.

Here's some of the guys that choose Peavey over everything else.

Richard Stewart from Helena, MT, USA.

Founder-leader of the 9:30 Collective, one of the most highly rated electro-acoustic jazz groups in Hungary. He started his career in one of the best known Hungarian progressive rock groups called Mini in the late 80s. In 1992, he founded his band The Brainwash with the British sax player/singer Sandra Grant (Soul II Soul, Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra), which they released one album with. His remix made from a track from this album reached to the final of the US BillboardMagazine Song Contest of 1996.

Endre Huszar,  acoustic drums, keyboards

This was followed by the 9:30, of which he was a founder-producer and a number of studio sessions with various pop productions and a tour with the Hungarian World Music Orchestra. In the last three years with the exception of a few performances with Desney Bailey at Sziget Festival (one of the largest cultural festivals in Europe), he has dedicated all his attention to the new 9:30 Collective album, Momentary Fame.

Check out his own site here -

Richard Stewart

I used Peavey drums on tour from 1996 - 2007. I fell in love with the drums after seeing and hearing them at the Namm show in Aneheim Ca. 1996.

Peavey was very generous giving me 4 drum kits and loaners all over the world. My favorite kit which I still have, is a dark brown wood 1000 kit. This drum set sounds wicked and I would test it against any other top of the line drums. Full, round, fat punchy sound! I also have a custom kit, a 750 which has a mylar plastic rap around the shells. It's a green kit with tribal masks that I designed and gave to Peavey. It's a one of a kind kit and people dig it. The other 2 were the 500 series which sounded great but the construction was less than impressive. The shells fell off from the radial bridge system after a couple hours of playing.

Bad glue or adhesive I think. I complained to Steve Volpp, the designer of the drums and to the Peavey drum dept. They told me they had problems with the adhering of the radial bridge to the shells of the 500 and 750 series.I am endorsed by Sonor drums now and I used them for Killing Joke, and the last Treponem Pal recording session.

TED PARSONS  - Oslo, Norway

I used Peavey 1000 drums on the following recordings:


Prong- Rude awakening

Godlesh - Hymns

Teledubgnosis- Magnetic learning center

Teledubgnosis vs Necessary Intergalactic Cooperation on Malicous Damage records

Jesu- 1st album

Jesu- Conqueror

NIC album on Malicous Damage records

Donny Byers

IPlaying since the age of 11 , taking lessons from well known local drummer Duane Patton from band "ROADHOUSE" fame who would play extensive live shows through the late 80's and gaining high respect throughout there running.


Also took tips and few lessons from legendary rock drummer Jerry Mercer of International   recording artists "APRIL WINE" , i would become good friends with Jerry during the early 90's and would do some tech help when they toured the Maritimes where im from.., he has been a huge impact on my playing over the years


During 2004 played with local successful band "PUSH" now aptly named "AGE OF DAZE" during the time with "PUSH" the band had released there first EP and would take on a extensive summer tour through the maritime provinces and gaining radio play throughout the area.. , with 2 singles gaining huge popularity the band became a local favorite and it was a good time and great exposure for myself during my time with them...


In late 2006 a project brought from the ground up would be formed and put together by long term friend and sound tech Tony Stonham and lead singer Tyler Pead  named

"AWAKE BY SUNDAY" the band would go through some changes and hard work along the way and gaining a very loyal fan base. The band has played to huge audiences and have played extensively throughout the local area and are now working hard on finishing there debut originals , and set to release in late summer visit AWAKE BY SUNDAY on facebook

Donny's Gear........


Custom silver sparkle  501 maple series

22x18- kick

12x10 - tom

16x16 - floor tom

14' snare in original color black.

I use DW pedals  ,


and my own company made sticks called DEVINSTATER


Standard 16" ,  AAX sabian cymbals throughout.

Me and My Drums

Randy Hollister, Streator, IL


I have been playing for about 22 years and 16 or so of those years have been professionally. I've done rock to country, metal to jazz and feel nothing but pride

with my Peavey Radial 1000's. My kit has the common clear oil finish and sizes are 10", 12", 14", 16", and 18" toms along with the 14" snare and 22" x 22" bass drum. I just recently tried Aquarian Performance II heads for the toms and I use Evans EMAD batter and resonant heads for the kick. Thee perfect match if you ask me. I purchased them back in 2000 and when I ordered them, I put a down payment on them without ever playing any Radial Bridge drums. The reason I bought them was because the engineer for the cd I was recording, recommended them and showed me numorous reviews on them. I trusted him and ordered them right away!

     Right out of the box I knew they were special. I had to drive 80 miles one way to pick them up and couldn't wait to set them up. Only thing, I had 80 miles to go before I could. (damn LOL) As soon as I got home I rush everything into the house and let's just say... the rest is history!!


Bottom line,

The best drums I've ever played HANDS DOWN!!!

Endre Huszar