My history with the drums.

Paul TWornicki

On a normal summers day in Kings Lynn, Norfolk I entered John Savages Music Shop on Norfolk Street. I climbed the stairs to the drum room and was greeted with a view of possibly the quirkiest drum kit to have ever lived. The Peavey RBS 1.

Tim, the shop owner said to me “If I could sell the kit from behind a curtain then I would sell thousands." He then gave me a pair of sticks and let me loose.  I gave them a subtle bash and I loved the sound, I gave them a gentle bash and loved the sound, I hammered the sh*t out of them and they became the best sounding drums that had ever existed. Bizarrely I had next to me a DW kit of about the same value and to me it just didn't have the same aural impact, let alone the same visual impact.


My inheritance was destined for big things and the drums became mine. I was led to believe that these drums were possibly the first to reach UK shores.


I was in a band called EDO at the time and when I turned up in my Rover Mini 30 (original style in black) with the passenger seat removed to make way for the drums. My band mates thought I had gone mad. That was until I played them. Then they realised just what these funny looking drums could do.


Times have gone by and I have played in quite a selection of bands playing samba, rock, pop, kid’s musical productions, and large stage shows and these quality drums have proven to be the most versatile and fabulous sounding drums in any situation. They can be played so very loud, they rip the skin off a rhino at 5000 miles, or conversely they can be played so quietly so as not to overpower a chorus of timid 5 year olds in the Kings Lynn Corn Exchange.


In the 31 years I have been playing I like to think that I have been influential in a couple of my friends lives as they have both gone on to learn the drums and one even has a Radial Pro 1000 kit of his own (bought at a knockdown price the scumbag).  Keep on drumming Ben and Matt.


Having moved with work to Lincoln, UK I am now gigging with my band STOLEN FRIDAYS. Catch these things live when I do some gigs in the near future. This is by far the hardest working band I have ever been in. Check out to see where we are next playing in the Lincolnshire area.


If you would like to contact me with any pictures of your kits in action, I will put them on here.

Stay lucky and keep drumming.


Paul (Tweeky) Twornicki

Chat with me via the 'contact me' page and the Facebook Group that shows how much these funny looking drums are loved by all that come across them.

Fakefest Kit