This is an ultra rare copy of a Polaroid of the first complete kit Steven Volpp ever made. Below is the quote I recieved when he emailed the picture to me.


"I wish I had an exact date of this picture, sometime in 1991.  The snare drum is made from sitka spruce and it sounded amazing.  One of my early employees stole it.  The mounts are like we eventually used on the 750 and 500 Series.  They work great, and have the built in mic mount.  Hartley's right hand at Peavey in 1993 was a guy named Jack Wilson.  He could not play a single instrument but was the #2 man at a music company. (any wonder why Peavey fell apart)?  He had a friend who was a drummer and his drummer friend told him that the RIMS mounting system was the best, so Jack mandated that I changed the drums to accept the RIMS system.  It raised the price, and did NOTHING for the sound as the radial bridge absorbs all the mounting stress  He never understood the concept, as did anyone else at Peavey.  Oh well, lessons learned.  I only have a couple of these drums left."


Steven Volpp 26 March 2008

Original Concept

Original STeven Volpp Concept Edited

Peavey Video

'Evolution of the Drum'

Demonstrating the Radial Pro concept.