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The first and only time I heard Radial Pro drums was when Storyville played here.  Chris Layton played Peaveys.  Chris is the drummer for Double Trouble which was Stevie Ray Vaughan's band.  I was surprised to see him playing anything but Tamas who endorses him.  I thought the drums were weird looking (yet cool) and loved the sound from them.  


My band was playing in Richmond, Va one weekend and we went into Richmond Music store and I asked about the Radials and was told they didn't make them any more due to poor sales.  So, when I was just browsing e-bay and ran across a set, I bid....and won.  Of course, I was the only bidder.  I haven't received them yet but am looking forward to getting them.  I hope they sound as good as they look.  I've received other emails from people who play Peaveys since that bid and have heard nothing bad.  The only thing I've been told is that they are fragile.  


Info on me.  Short story.  I play in two bands, one rock, one blues.  I own an antique car restoration and custom bike building business.  Drums, cars & bikes are my hobbies as well as my livelihood.  


You have a cool site.  I checked it out before the auction was over in anticipation of that kit.  I'll give feedback on the drums on your message board.  

all my best,



Hi Paul,

Glad to see them getting some attention. I always thought they were cool.

Your site is up:

DrumBum: T-shirts and Gifts for Drummers!


Mike Donovan



"I would love for more drummers to fall in love with the look and sound of the Peavey Radial Pro 1000 drums. When I first heard about them, I wrote a letter to Hartley Peavey and asked for a free set. Or at the very least, some information on them. I had met Hartley in 1978 when my band did a tour of his factory. Well, he sent the information. Grin.


I saw a prototype kit in Denver and fell in love with the sound. I purchased my entire drum set, one piece at a time in San Antonio. It really surprised me when they stopped making these drums. Although I did tell Hartley and Steven Volpp, the drum inventor, that they needed more advertisements in magazines such as Modern Drummer.


I even asked Rick Van Horn from Modern Drummer why they hadn't done a feature article on them. He explained that there were many conversations with Peavey, but they never came through with the permission to let them feature the drums.


Finally, Modern Drummer did a feature article on the top 10 drum sets and the 5th Anniversary Peavey Set was one of the 10. The comments were very positive. I think when Steven Volpp left the company, the Radial Pro drum program ended."

Michael Brown 


"It so simple that there was a clinic with Robin Dimaggio

here in my town,he demonstrated the Peavey drums for me and I was sold."

By - Thomas Rask From the band Stroker


On my last client's album,

we've mainly used 3 snares;

-Yamaha Jimmy Chamberlin SD-2455JC

-Ludwig Vintage Acrolyte (aluminum shell)

-Peavey RadialPro 1000


This peavey snare is one of my all-time favourites.

By - Dom Berg - Recording Engineer,Sonolab Studios


I used to work for a little "Ma & Pa" music store in Charlotte, N.C. called U.S. Music. I was already interested in the kits before becoming employed there, but as soon as I got to start really studying and comparing the different types of kits, well, let's just say that I was taken. When I graduated high school, my Dad informed me that he and my mom were going to purchase me the kit of my choice     ( within reason, of course). We went to numerous stores and checked out tons of kit options. We also talked with quite a few local artists and got their opinions on things. When it came to decision time, I was still very taken with the Peaveys. If you only look at them, you can say that they're a pretty cool looking kit. But once you hear them ( even up to five blocks away), you can't help but be impressed not only by the presence of the kit but also by the extremely pure tones the kit can produce. needless to say, I made my choice and my parents made arrangements with the owner of my store to get me my six-piece pre-patented natural oil finish Peavey RBS kit. No, these are not RP1000,750,751 or 500s. These are the original deal. This kit design would later be transformed into the 1000s. Ever since Peavey stopped production, I have been working on adding to my kit when the moneys allow. It is difficult, though, finding matching pieces that I don't already have.....

By - Ethan at